What it does

TrustCart is a smart shopping cart that help people to shop with ease. Users can talk to this cart with what goods they wish to buy, and the cart will automatically navigate the shortest path to find this product.

How we built it

This project is composed with three different parts:

Main Structure:

  1. 3D printing prototypes.
  2. Designed by Solidworks.
  3. Wheels are located at the button of the structure, other electronic parts on the side/back.


  1. PWM Motor Driver and Encoder Board.
  2. Power Solution.
  3. I2C communication between Arduino and Raspberry Pi.


  1. Path algorithm implemented using Breadth-first Search.
  2. Voice recognition software implemented using Google speech recognition API.
  3. Support for up to 5 different food items.

Strengths compared to competitors

  1. Time saving on locating items.
  2. Less effort on pushing the cart.
  3. All users inclusive, especially for seniors and children

What's next for TrustCart

  1. Implement an interactive interface on the top of TrustCart for more user-targeted functions.
  2. Implement a mechanical structure and automatic program to grab stuff into the cart for the user.
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