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During Covid Pandemic, in many attended hackathons, many participants suggest UV-Boxes. Market analysis also suggests that UV-Boxes and UVC combined methods such as ozone, heat, microwave, ultrasound and some chemicals also used as a sterilizer are hugely in use. UV-Boxes are highly in demand especially during pandemic..

As our expertise; in wastewater treatment UV-Disinfection Unit designs reveal that it is applied following filtration for irrigation and after reverse osmosis for drinking because scattered UV light looses its energy to damage DNA thus, fails at disinfection.

With the metaphor of "washing machine", We aimed to design a shaker where portable UV-Boxes can be placed and shaken in chaotic or at least nonlinear manner. After brainstorming, we decided to use ball stabilizer in reverse to shake the content in UV-Box. Therefore, just like a washing machine by moving the content non-linearly, movement will change the shadow zones. This way, statistically, we would be able to scan each surface with UVC light with direct angle. Eventually, UV-Shaker would be trustworthy to provide 99% disinfection efficiency.


As a common solution for the disinfection of non-disposed accessories, common proposition both in markets, hospitals and hackathons is UV-Boxes. Actually, Together with heat and sometimes with ultrasound, UV-boxes are long in use in hospitals.


However, in UV-disinfection, for the disinfection to be safe and for the disinfection success to be high, UV radiation should hit the surface before being scattered. Nowadays, to shrink the box size and in order to be free from cables, the use generally one uv light and try to scatter with mirrors. In most cases, especial for accessories with curved surfaces like keys,, earphones there occurs dead zones that either receive transmitted and low energy portion or beam. In other words, shadow effect. This shadow effect is better seen when multiple accessories are added to uv box and when accessories themselves too block the uv light beams and leave shadow effect onto other accessories.


To solve this problem, we propose nonlinear shaker that shakes the box in nonlinear (or chaotic level if preferred) so that statistically, increases the chance for each surface group to receive direct UV beams even in curvature structures accessories, or the case where couple accessories are placed.


We propose 2 major versions for portable and large-scale UV sets, and Two modes as gentle and aggressive for shaking.

Version 1: Shaker base where any portable UV box can be securely placed on and let existing UV-box to be used more efficiently.

Version 2a: Shaker base with secure attachment sections for large size conventional UV-Boxes for hospitals. In this case, couple shakers can be used according to UV-Box size.

Version 2b: Shaker link where each equipment is attached to the top of linkages where motor shakes the linkage and the object is moved non-linearly for disinfection efficiency.

For all versions, there will be fundamental 2 modes:

Mode 1: For glasses and similar gentle equipment, nonlinear but gentle shake,

Mode 2: For objects that are not fragile, to enhance maximum uv light, chaotic/aggressive shake.

What's next for TRUST-BOX:

We will test the effectiveness of mixing and optimize the modes for maximum efficiency. We will also set the shaking in chaotic manner so that no movement will be repeated. After that research chaotic shaking efficiency in terms of disinfection efficiency and compare the findings with nonlinear repeatable shaking modes.

After completing these simple 2 steps, we will seek channels to distribute our product to hospitals, civils and especially for the ones who has limited water and chemical use but need to eliminate the threat of infections such as captains, sailors on sail and marine personnel in sub-marines.

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