Our collective business experience looked at what creates value in a business and how to integrate that value into s system that rewards those individuals that create the value. The value in a business is shown by the sales products or services, and by the people that through their activity in a business caused the sales to happen. In order to integrate into a business a cryptocurrency / token we recognise the new coin must meet the challenge of creating "True Value" for the holders of the coin, as such we name this coin "TruQoin" (TRQ). TruQoin will have Utility, Scarcity, and Perceived Value; through our unique coin model we call Proof of Activity Mining (PoAM).

What it does

TruQoin value comes from the activity of the business that creates value. Our Proof-of-Activity-Mining "PoAM" model looks at what activities are creating transactions for a business as measured by sales volume and what activities creates sales volume on the crypto exchanges.

How we built it

There are two "2" activities that we will tie together to create value for both the business and the coin; we will use a unique mining model that mimics the Bitcoin mining model. When the activities reaches 2,100 sales transactions, then one Mining Block is completed, and the Mine distribute to all the Miners their portion of the mining reward. Their portion is determined by the number of Activity Points they received.

Challenges we ran into

We analysed the unique aspect of the business to determine how to integrate that value into the token.
Finding ways to store the data from the transactions on the blockchain as low cost as possible.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Uploading data to the blockchain as a record of proof of work was accomplished.

What we learned

The advantages of the TRON POS system that made storing of the data at a low cost possible.

What's next for TrūQoin - Crypto Mining Cooperative

Next up is the DEX Swap called TrūSwap Plus for the swapping of TruQoin for physical products, NFTs, and Cryptos and API integration in the TrūIQ Global sales system. After that is an app for mining points allocation for activities including meetings and growth opportunities.

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