The NFT are now use as art and representation of item in virtual space. We are taking a different approach, that also crosses over into DeFi, by attaching the mining output of a coin to a 1 percent allocation for our 1% NFT Club.

What it does

TrūQoin 1% NFT Club, entitles the NFT owner 1% of all the mined TrūQoin sent to DEX/Operations. The Activity Factor adjusts the amount of swing between the Miner's side and the Market DEX /Operation's side. NFT owner start to receive your TrūQoin from the Block the 1% NFT is acquired until the last mined block!

Only 5 NFTs You can own one or more but there are only five total NTS's available.

At the close of each Block, TrūQoin is mined and divided between the Miners and the Dex/Operations "DEXO" sides. Five percent (5%) of all TrūQoin sent to the DEXO is available to five different 1% Club NFTs. Once an NFT is purchased, 1% of TrūQoin disbursed to the DEXO side is sent to the designated wallet that holds that NFT from the Block purchased until the last Block (#2,600) is complete. The split between the Miners and the DEXO can change each Block. The Maximum is 50% to a minimum of 10% of each Block will go to the DEXO and 1% of that disbursement can go to each of the 5 NFT that is acquired.

5 Million TRON Steps Price starts at 5 Million TRON and increases 5 Million TRON on the next NFT.

​The swap amount of the first NFT (1% Slot) is 5 million TRON (5,00,000 TRX), and after that, each NFT will increase by 5 million TRON for each NFT. There is no limit to the number of NFTs a Miner can acquire, but there are only 5 NFS's total.

Orange - 5 Million TRON Green - 10 Million TRON Red - 15 Million TRON Blue - 20 Million TRON Gold - 25 million TRON

Over 100,000 TrūQoin Each 1% NFT could bring is over 100,000 TrūQoin from all mined Blocks .

The flow of TrūQoin starts on the Block number the NFT is acquired. There are 2,600 Total Block that hold a total of 21,000,000 TrūQoin. The split of TrūQoin for each Block is between the Miners side and the Market DEX & Operations "DEXO" side, as determined by the Activity Factor setting the Swing Range. The 1% flow of TrūQoin for each NFT is from the DEXO side of Block distribution. The Swing Range for the DEXO side is a from 10% to 50% from each Block.

TrūQoin Follows the NFT The owner of the NFT receives the 1% NFT Club TrūQoin.

The definition of NFT is Non Fungible Token. This means you can not split it into smaller units. Each activated 1% NFT Club token will always receive the full 1%. You can however transfer the NFT to another wallet, and the flow of TrūQoin will follow to the new wallet.

How we built it

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