We wanted to increase the life of the speakers by estimating the health of the drivers and Hardware.

What it does

This web application checks the quality of your Bose SoundTouch Speaker by comparing audio files with existing database and checks the quality of the speaker drivers.

How we built it

We used HTML, CSS & Javascript for the Web-Application[Front End]. We used Python with existing API's[One-DB, Bose SoundTouch API] and have Arduino and Bose SoundTouch for Hardware interfacing.

Challenges we ran into

Using API's for the first time was a bit challenging. Implementing multiple API's at the same time appeared to be a roadblock at first, but we got through it. Using flask as localhost was something we had never experienced before, and it was intriguing to use.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to put together the project in a clear and concise manner, with our ideas in place and we think we accomplished our small and humble goals for this project successfully.

What we learned

We learned that apart from coding efficiently, team-work,time-management and seamless communication between group members is of utmost importance. We also learned how to use API's, Flask and deploy web-apps, along with One-DB's cloud based Authentication services. I believe we all learned more due to the bonding we had at BostonHacks and we believe that small goals are the key to satisfying results.

What's next for TruPhase

We hope to take this to another level and make it big by implementing numerous API's and making the world a safer space for our beloved Bose speakers.

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