The Idea

College kids don't have cash nor time and there's too many things to pay for in too many ways. We were inspired by that problem to create TruPay, an application for our university in which the school can list required upcoming fees, clubs can post membership fees, event tickets can be posted, and/or students can list their own businesses/services. All listings containing contact info and price with easy email access to make the payment process quicker and easier to keep track of.

What it does

Based on a large, university scale database, you can see and sort all current listings by students and faculty alike, and automatically email any if you take interest. You can also automatically email the school to request new listings for yourself or your organization.

How we built it

It mainly functions off of MySQL and phpMyAdmin to fill the table; beyond that we just worked with HTML/CSS and JS to unify it together.

Challenges we ran into

This is hardly a sliver of our original idea. We had to keep paring down ideas and api usage as we realized that they were either outside the scope of our school or just not compatible with other components. Either way, our project still covered our original goal, so we're happy with that.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We still were able to manage our original goal even though we had to completely scrap ideas and methods way too many times. And it looks cute. Our transitions are fire.

What we learned

Too much about APIs that wouldn't work with our project. Curl, even though no one asked for that either. It was a lot of learning and not much that was ultimately represented in the project but it was a journey.

What's next for TruPay

This has a lot of kinks to work out in database structure, scope, and security (plus university authentication), but after that, it could expand to contain all universities, and be a more central source of student activity.

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