The other night me and my friends wanted to watch a movie and I couldn't for the life of me remember more than 4-5 good thriller movies. Notes, to-do apps and what not just don't cut it. Too complicated and easy to lose. What if there was a quick, easy to use app that allowed you to remember the things you like?

What it does

Trunk lets you name, tag, review, and store items that fall under a category. For example, under 'Movies' I store movies I really, really like and under this I have different types of movies that I personally tag for myself, like 'gritty' or 'long' or 'sci-fi'.

How I built it

It was built entirely using web technologies: HTML5, CSS3, JS, jQuery and a couple of frameworks and plugins. We used Cloud9 to code and host our application and GitHub for version control. Being huge fans of typography & design, we followed certain Material Design Concepts as well.

Challenges I ran into

We spent a lot of time on ideation and fleshing out all the possibilities because of the ground it was treading on. There are a bunch of super-powerful note taking apps then there's list making apps (reminder focussed) such as Wunderlist... but they all try to do too much. I giving the user enough incentive to use the app was a big challenge.

A huge, huge challenge we ran into was trying to co-ordinate our coding throughout the Hackathon without proper planning. We ran into merging problems since we would all work on so many things at once in a short span of time and it was hard to keep track of the changes and we had to spend a lot of time resolving merge conflicts.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I think as a team we're proud of fleshing out so many ideas and picking one to work on and trudging through 36 hours to atleast build part of the app we dreamed of. We learnt a lot about web development like always and how important it is to communicate in software development when part of a team.

What I learned

Learned that we can't just push to git branches and hope for the best.

What's next for Trunk

We're super excited about all the future integrations we can have in Trunk and all the different ways we can crunch and interpret user data. (e.g. What kind of movies people save/like/want to remember in the region of Waterloo)

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