Donald Trump is our inspiration.

What it does

Our service allows a user to easily add a Make America Great Again (MAGA) hat to anyone they wish! With three styles (red, white, or camo) or a Donald Trump hairpiece!

Sample request:

curl -o bernie_with_hat.jpg \
    -F hat_type=red \
    -F image=@bernie.jpg \

How I built it

The Hats API (HAPI?) is serviced by a Flask server (Python) that interacts with the Trumpatize library, which uses OpenCV for face detection and hat placement. The client version of our software also uses the Traumpatize Python library in a webcam display module.

Challenges I ran into

Our original idea was to create an interactive Donald Trump/DJ Khaled-inspired smart mirror. The mirror would equip you with a hat or hairpiece. The speech interface with the raspberrypi (which would allow the user to pose questions to Mr. Trump and Mr. Khaled) proved to be very tricky and not very nice.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Making a Flask-powered RESTful (mostly) API
  • Giving a program the ability to add MAGA hats to any face

What I learned

Sean further confirmed his suspicions that Flask is to Python as Spark is to Java, and how to better cope with Python's lack of strict typing. Matthew learned that Python isn't that difficult, and how to use GIMP.

What's next for Trumpatize Me!

  • Completed mirror implementation
  • Histogram Equalization to make the hats appear more naturally placed in the image
  • Smarter hat/hair placement
  • Improved face detection algorithm (both speed and correctness)
  • Successful integration with our domain,

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