Podcasts are an excellent mode to spend your commute time productively, and they're also becoming popular means for the people to increase knowledge and keep up to date on current affairs. The inspiration for this project comes from my previous experiences where I had a long watch later list of speeches, discussions and debates of famous scientists, talks, commencement speeches etc. It was a big hassle to convert them to mp3 files and then again plug an usb and upload them back into the phone. So, I decided to develop a small web app that can extract audio from a video file/ link and add it my the Google Play Music collection playlists and thereby get synced to the phone.

What it does

Given a youtube/ video link, it extracts the audio file in mp3/m4a format and uploads or sync to your Google Play Music or Soundcloud app.

How I built it

I used the existing youtube downloader api to extract the audio file, developed a web app in python using Django framework. The user has to input the video link, once the .webm file is parsed a audio encoder will extract to mp3/aac file. Then using SoundCloud API, I upload the audio file to the user's playlist. Once, the user sync his playlist. the audio file reaches user's phone/device.

Challenges I ran into

Google Play Music API is not publicly available, so it was a big disappointment for not being able to develop it for Google Music, however Soundcloud has an python API that allows us to upload or view user's playlist

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

To be able to create a Python based web app, learning to use Django was a big achievement.

What I learned

Web App development, MySql, APIs

What's next for YouPod

Well, technically it is not yet finished, the major task is to some how find a way to send a music file to the end user's Google Play music app.

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