At first we had created a game but found it was a little harsh. So instead, we decided to concentrate on creating more characters, the dance animation and a new idea for musicians to upload their music. The challenges were mostly related to the audio uploads in which musicians can upload their music for the characters to dance to. It was challenging logistically and technically. But we believe it came out great considering the time we had. Another challenge was the deadline. Mainly because we already had the app ready to go but misunderstood the rules. So working through those issues really took a lot of time. But we think it's worth it.

A challenge we will face is retention. You see these guys dance once or twice and it's funny, but then that's about it. So we feel the audio upload, Kin integration and constant character creation is how we will keep people coming back. Besides characters, our next creation will be a "suggestion board." Here users will be able to suggest the next character. They could suggest Tom Brady in a clown wig. Others can tip the suggestions and the one with the most tips at the end of the month will be created. We think this will certainly retain.

One main thing we all learned is that Kin makes you think outside the box. There aren't many problems to solve anymore with apps and problems create innovation. With Kin, the problem of how to use it for retention in ways that haven't been used yet, brings a whole new way of thinking about building the app. If we had not had Kin, so many of our projects and creations would be much less interesting. Thank you Kin!

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