Identifying the polarity of speeches about different subjects shows the ideas of a politician about different issues.

What it does

The software that we developed get a text file and evaluate it sentence by sentence and says what is the subject and what is the polarity of the sentence with respect to that subject.

How I built it

It is based on C#. It get a text file as input then interact with AYLIEN Text Analysis which is a package of Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval and Machine Learning tools for extracting meaning and insight from textual and visual content. Then we provide statistics based on extracted data

Challenges I ran into

Providing an interface that easily get a text file (can be news, tweet and etc) as input and evaluate it sentence by sentence.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The software is easy to use and copy pasting text into the text file gives meaningful statistics categorized based on subjects.

What I learned

I learned about secrets behind political debates and how to use technology to provide awareness for people.

What's next for Trump cheat list

I will extend the software to extract more information. Then I will run a website that provide information about future political debates that can be only revealed using technology.

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