Inspiration 🌟

"You can only play the game of life once. When the world is your playground, let's have some fun!"

In a digital era dominated by mobile phones and computers, many are immersed in the rewards and stimulations of the virtual world, overlooking the exploration of the real world. Trumen aims to blend the excitement of digital rewards with real-world exploration. Through our unique features – TruVerse, TruAirdrop, and TruAvatar – we're creating a new dimension of engagement and adventure.

We hope to awaken people’s desire to explore the real world, step out of comfort zones, and cherish this singular, non- replicable life experience.

What it does 🌍


Unveiling Mysteries of the life game, one Step at a Time

An immersive digital 1:1 overlay on the real world, TruVerse encourages users to explore their surroundings. As they discovering new places, they uncover mists of their own TruVerse world map, earning TRU tokens for each exciting exploration.


An innovative way of Web3 airdrops

Empowered by TruVerse world map, Trumen enables users to create real airdrops around physical locations. As users visit airdrop regions, they receive airdrops of TRU tokens or exclusive digital collectibles, incentivizing exploration and patronage.

How we built it 🛠️

We leveraged advanced geolocation and mobile development technologies and Web3 frameworks to build an ecosystem where the physical and digital worlds coexist seamlessly. Our platform is a testament to the power of integrating blockchain technology for a transparent and fair community reward system.

All of these features are powered by Chainlink's CCIP and VRF. We deployed our TRU token on Ethereum and the Airdrop Hub on Polygon.

  1. When user creates an Airdrop with our TRU token on Ethereum, we use CCIP to send this message to the Airdrop Hub on Polygon.
  2. Then, we use VRF to compute an on-chain random reward within the range of maximum and minimum Airdrop reward.
  3. The Airdrop Hub will use CCIP to send the reward amount back to the TRU token on Ethereum. The TRU token will futhur validate and reward the user with that amount.

Challenges we ran into 😵

Developing a user-friendly interface for both tech-savvy and non-technical users was a significant challenge. Ensuring seamless integration of the real world with digital elements in TruVerse required meticulous planning and execution.

Accomplishments that we're proud of 🏆

  • Creating an engaging platform that motivates physical exploration and social interaction.
  • Establishing a new way of experiencing the world through augmented reality and token-based rewards.
  • Empowering real usage of NFTs through TruAvatar.
  • Enabling physical geographical airdrops with TruAirdrops.

What we learned 💡

The importance of balancing innovation with accessibility, the challenges of integrating various technologies (blockchain, geolocation), and the value of a community-driven approach.

What's next for Trumen 🔮

Introducing TruShare, a feature enabling users to share their adventures and discoveries in the TruVerse. With TruShare, explorers can post stories, photos, and tips about the places they’ve discovered, fostering a vibrant community of shared experiences and recommendations.

TruAvatar: Your Digital Persona, Your Unique Style with NFTs. A customizable digital representation of the user, allowing them to personalize their appearance in the TruVerse. Enhancing the social and immersive aspects of exploration, with unique avatars representing our diverse community of explorers.

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