Requirement is huge in the society.

What it does

Single configuration based solution for all networking needs

How I built it

Built from scratch in C language. Developed sophisticated framework to automate the development of protocol itself which is very much challenging compared to our competitor like Cisco, juniper, Huawei etc., If Cisco consumes a few hundred of persons consume a few years to develop one protocol. The same protocol can be developed using TrueTraffik in just 6 months by single person with extreme less code base

Challenges I ran into

CPU Consumption / Network card limitations to achieve higher bandwidth. Till now able to achieve 721 Mbps. Target is to achieve 100Gbps

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

My competitor Ixia developed the similar product in around 20 Million lines of code. I achieved the same in less than 12000 lines of code.

What I learned

I learned how to think like a customer.

What's next for TrueTraffik

Develop a networking solution and deploy at price of 10% to that of my competitor.

Built With

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