TrueSight was partly inspired by wanting to do something new and exciting with external adapters and partly inspired by observing players of Aavegotchi having concerns about offensive names having a negative impact on the growth of the game. The name and logo are inspired by our shared love-hate relationship with the game DotA!

What it does

TrueSight is a prototype for a new type of Chainlink oracle network built to provide content moderation data for content of various formats hosted on IPFS. For our prototype we demonstrate how the TrueSight network could be used to calculate moderation labels for images.

How we built it

TrueSight architecture diagram

Challenges we ran into

Content moderation is such a hugely complex issue and moderation labels are often quite subjective. We had lots of discussions around how aggregation and node reputation systems could be complicated by these.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making a solid proof-of-concept for something that could quickly make a big impact if we took it to production. Making something which could have a really positive impact on humanity by helping us get closer to mainstream adoption of decentralised social applications.

What we learned

We learned how to run our own Chainlink node via a cloud infrastructure provider on a layer 2 solution. We learned that running a node can be expensive too! Some of us learned about Solidity for the first time. We learned about active Chainlink feeds and current result aggregation techniques.

What's next for TrueSight

We'd love to take this further by working on growing a network of nodes running moderation jobs and a marketplace for nodes offering content moderation services.

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