Goal of this is app is to check what do you know about the world and give you some of the interesting facts. All questions are diveded into several categories (different continents). Than you select a quiz type. There is instruction before each quiz. Most quizes have just True or False answers. We tried to design tasks and questions that are simple but interesting. We may give you additional bit-sized explanation if you answer incorrectly. So that you check your knowledge and learn along the way !

If you are performing good you might be awarded special badges. Actually right away after entering the app you can see that there is one badge for you. It is a clover for a good luck. You might need it as some of the questions are not that easy ! Gamification system is quite complex and some of the badges are attached to particular quizes (if you have high % of good answers) and others are general ones (rewarding your persistance or cross-quizes performance). You may be even give a Bad Luck or Black Hole badge if you're doing really bad. So watch out !

With each quiz you're getting 10 questions selected from larger database. Game is fast, you get visual indication of the result in the end. Good luck ! Right now Europe is mostly developed category in terms of content size (espacially graphical content). We plan to grow content size and add new types of questions in new app versions.

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