We have always been interested in breaking down every teaser for game of thrones. But sometimes, it is very difficult to identify every character that appears on the teaser. By using Trueface now we can know!!!

Alternatively, when we were building the website, we are very much aware about the captcha system as extra layer of security to avoid spammers, web crawlers and robots. But just take a look at this -> . We created a feature where the user will be authorized only if they are sitting in front of the camera. Say NO to Spammers/Web Crawlers and Robots

What it does

You can search youtube videos for popular celebrities. You can also search any picture in the internet as well!

How we built it

The app is powered by Flask (we used Python a lot!!!!!! So we preferred. ) The backend was powered by Trueface API. For training images we used Bing Search from RAPID API marketplace and also OpenCV to draw text and rectangles.

Challenges we ran into

There was few bugs in the API that we ran into. Some solved, some still present. We initially tried training 63000 celebrities from the WIKI dataset. However, the API will not support multiple calls and crashes with a Multiple requests error or Deadline Exceeded error.

We ended up training manually by collecting images of celebrities from the Game of thrones show.

When training with more than 5 images randomly available from the Internet, the API returns Deadline exceeded error Also, training with certain images was throwing out KeyErrors and was temporarily fixed by replacing it with a different image.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The code works perfectly (still slow though)

What we learned

Using It is an amazing API and with proper training set it performs really well.

What's next for truefacehack

Train better with more training images.

Contribute/Help fix bugs in Trueface.AI

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