Hello everyone! We wanted our project to be based on a current trend and we chose Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Our team mate Atina presented the idea since she is currently into crypto finance. Since all of us are new to the Hackathon, we thought we would explore the concept of Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

What it does

Our project analyzes and estimates the Rate of Investment (ROI) on Bitcoin six months from now.

How we built it

We looked at five years worth of historical Bitcoin closing prices in USD, collected from Yahoo Finance, to predict prices six months from now. We did a time series analysis and graphed our outputs based on given values.

Challenges we ran into

Out of the four of us, only two were proficient in using Python. We spent time reading and following along what we could to understand the basics of Python programming. We were all relatively new to the concept of Python Dash and Python Dash plotly as well. We felt that python would better display what we wanted our project to focus on, instead of using R.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Each of us spent time together and apart learning and doing the best we could on such short notice. That is something we all should be proud of, whether we can complete the project or not.

What we learned

Time is of the essence when doing a Hackathon! We are all excited we had a chance to gain raw exposure to this experience.

What's next for True Value of Bitcoin

We shall see...

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