I wanted to improve my programming skills by building and publishing Alexa skills. When I saw the ISP competition I figured I would build a game that is fun and educational. I searched for trivia games and found that most did not have the features I was looking for (categories, high scores, quality questions, sound effects, etc.) So I decided to build a True or False Trivia game and add all the features I would want.

What it does

The game is a true or false trivia game. There are 4 free categories, and at the moment 3 categories for purchase (Many more in the works). In solo mode you only get 3 wrong answers before the game ends, pushing players to learn the facts and beat their high scores. The multiplayer mode includes up to 4 players and offers a competitive point-scoring system to keep users engaged. Questions are based on interesting facts, all hand written and researched for context. The questions include follow up phrases/details that give more than just a yes/no feel to the experience.

How I built it

I built this project using node.js. I leveraged the node.js ASK-SDK from the Amazon team. I used the Alexa Skills Kit docs, Alexa blogs, Twitch streams, and several other external resources when implementing features. I learned a lot from the Alexa Evangelist as always. They put out great content for developers. I worked on this project alone (aside from having some help researching facts and writing questions)

Challenges I ran into

I am a self taught programmer with no social network related to software or technology. This presented many challenges as I would have to figure out how to solve problems and overcome challenges without any mentors or a team to bounce ideas off of. I found myself fixing endless errors and spending many hours implementing and testing features I wanted. I have much more work to do and am excited to continuously improve the experience. I am very grateful for the incredible resources that the Alexa team provides, as well as the search Engine Google for always having my back (Thanks fellas)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I truly believe this is by far the most detailed True or False Alexa skill in the store. I put a lot of time and energy into building this game and plan to continue to add features, fix issues, and constantly add questions to the data bank. I am proud to have built and finished an Alexa project entirely on my own. I have built many skills in development mode but have yet to take any legitimate projects to market. I hope this skill brings value to those who play it. I learned a lot of cool facts about the world while building it, and hope others will enjoy my taste in topics.

What I learned

I learned much about voice interfaces and the future of computing. I developed a ton of programming skills, and have sparked several ideas for future projects. I believe this space is still in its infancy and that the power of Alexa skills and the Internet of Things will unleash a wave of unparalleled innovation over the next decades to come.

What's next for True or False Trivia

I want Alexa users to have this game for years to come as a classic simple trivia they can play whenever and with whomever. Because of this I have strongly considered hiring a few content writers and will be adding more questions and more categories as ISP packs for users to enjoy. I will be personally checking and editing every single question to ensure quality and accuracy. I plan to promote the skill using my knowledge of digital marketing (Email marketing, Facebook/Instagram Ads, Youtube content strategy, etc.)

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