A special final project for CMSC 101/IS 101Y, True Grit is a game that simulates a semester of college, effectively measuring the user's mental stamina and toughness--or "True Grit"--when faced with the challenges of college life.

The game begins with the user entering some basic information about themself - their name, number of credit hours, and number of hours worked per week. It then takes them through 15 weeks, during which they choose how they spend their 168 hours (number of hours in a week) across eight categories. After they correctly enter the exact 168 hours, their percentage of happiness and grades, as well as the user's net gain from income, is calculated. A "random college event" is also ran, this is because college students are always having a random effect their performance and personal lives. Random events also effect each week's ratings. The ratings are displayed on graphs every week for the 15 weeks. At the end of the game, the final results of the game are displayed, showing you both graphs and gif pictures related to the average rating in each category.

My team ran into quite a few challenges during the development of this game. The two most difficult issues we ran into were how to use the ControlP5 library in Processing, as the library is very difficult to understand, and how to incorporate random events (for extra credit), as the concept was difficult to grasp. We successfully implemented both of these things without sacrificing efficiency, and that we are proud of.

A download of a slightly improved version of the game is available by following the link below.

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