Sustainability and ethical business operations are really important to digital natives. When they are shopping online, they use the internet to research the brands they consider shopping at. Having scandals in the media concerning bad behaviour with the environment or human rights is a sure way to get shunned online. These changes in opinion are also visible in with the advent of legislation like the Lieferkettengesetz and the huge backlash that catastrophes like Rana Plaza caused.

What it does

Our system provides a way for workers to complain about any problems they perceive at their working site online. By digitalizing the complaint mechanism, the young worker demographic is more likely to actually complain. Successfully solved complaints mitigate the risks of human rights and environment scandals and strenghten the relationship between brands and their producers. For the workers, the factories and the brand employees it provides an easy way to coordinate their efforts to provide a great place to work. This is helped by automatic translation to enable smooth communication between all involved parties. Therefore the complaints by workers down the supply chain can be heart by the brand they produce for, giving them a way to react and to mitigate risk.

How we built it

We build the chatbot using Dialogflow and Telegram. The backend is based on Spring and programmed in Java. The frontend is React. For translation and map services we used Google Cloud APIs.

Challenges we ran into

Technically it was quite challenging to setup the chatbot and make all components of the system integrate seamlessly. The biggest challenge will be to bring home the point that it is not crazy technology that will save humanity problems but the application of those.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're really proud of our team. We are four members with a diverse skillset and deep expertise in creating digital products combined with great passion for the environment and human rights.

What we learned

We learnt how much can be done when we have a the pressure of a deadline.

What's next for True Colors Complaint Mechanism

We want to find companies who want to partner up with us and use the system.

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