To be honest, we never worked with logistics technologies. Thought the challange seemed interesting and it had two interersting topics for us, IoT and Blockchain. This topics, a part from being interesting, will define the future of the connected world

What it does

  • Process Truck in order to decide if it complies with the requirements of the transport
  • Graphic analitics about truck data
  • Make smart contract on the network, to make the payment easier and quick
  • Detail CO2 emissions during the supply chain
  • Specialized delivery from truck to the end shop, ensuring correct traffic flow, elevator automation and secure way

This project covers topics from Logistics, Intelligent Buildings and Industrial Internet

How we built it

We used node as backend for the rest API and strong calculations. The data provided by FleetBoard is stored in a Mongo database, as long as the contract address. Thought the smart contracts are embedded on the blockchain. The GUI is based on HTML,CSS,JS, using angular and bootstrap as main frameworks.

Challenges we ran into

  • Smart contract is not as mature as we expected. Then some manual workaround had to be applyed to used and it has not possible to use a straightforward API.
  • Testing blockchain operations proved to be challenging due to the complexity of cryptocurrencies
  • Get/fetch data from mqtt server was not straightforward.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Finishing the product. I mean, We are proud of every single functionality of our code. Given the fact that there were some problems, not standard API for blockchain, fake alarm.

What we learned

  • Logistics theory
  • Enviromental calculations
  • Green and out of the box thinking

What's next for Truck or Track

  • Improve specialized deployment to the end user
  • Provide a more in depth data to both end company and shipping company or end user
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