Beginner's story: Coming to Hack Duke, I really didn't have any experience coding. So, this project is simply a walkthrough project that an instructor here at Hack Duke walked us through that uses google api in our web page.

What it does

It's an alert timer where if a person is in danger, they could type in a phone number and start a timer,

How I built it

By using visual studio code, we created three files: a css, html, and javascript file

Challenges I ran into

Getting used to the syntax was quite an obstacle. Over the seven hours we worked on this, I began to understand javascript and my fascination grew.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm glad that I came to Hack Duke and learned a new skill set. Now, I have a lot of ideas that I want to create. For example, I want to create a web app that utilizes the google and twitter api to create a live stream hotspot map for natural disasters all around the world.

What I learned

I learned to code in javascript and some other languages as well.

What's next for TroubleTimer

I'll probably not further my TroubleTimer project, but I have other projects/ventures that I would like to

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