NFT market place where the asset value backed by real time analytics and an online arcade for block chain based games

What it does

Trophy King is an online arcade for web3 games, a first-ever analytics-backed digital asset platform and a next-generation collectibles marketplace. The platform provides a multitude of services such as an in-game currency ($KING), an online arcade that supports games, a live trading desk for the analytics backed assets paired with the $KING token, event-driven analytics-based futures markets for ad-hoc derivatives, and a fantasy gaming market for digital collectibles. Trophy King introduces a unique gaming experience through integrating web3 architecture.

1) Decentralized Ecosystem: Blockchain based in-game currency: $KING 2) Web3 Integration: Non-fungible token (NFT) support 3) Multi-chain Support: Ethereum, Polygon (zkEVM) 4) DeFi: Decentralized digital asset exchange featuring automated market making (AMM) 5) NFT marketplace (peer-to-peer transactions) 6) Protocol governance structured as decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) 7) Play-To-Earn: Free rewards, peri-mutuel pools, and tournaments

How we built it

Chiharu is a blockchain-based multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game where players can compete online with others across the world for various digital asset tokens. Players stake their position in a battle lobby and compete with other players on an assortment of maps with various weapons and skills in a winner take all battle. Chiharu also includes a variety of non-fungible tokens, specifically skins that enhance players appearance and ability. These skins are decentralized and transferrable and can be done so on the Trophy King Trading Platform.

Challenges we ran into

There were many challenges that we faced during the implementation like creating a right toknomics

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to overcome all the challenges that are faced during the implementation process , and we are really proud of that we were able to launch our first game on Trophy King platform

What we learned

What's next for Trophy King

Currently we are focusing on Beta testing on Chiharu , once it is in good shape we would be releasing the game in mainnet we also will form a U.S. company and initiate the public listing of KING token. We also want to integrate the use of NFTs in the form or player skins and customized maps.

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