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TronVerse August Update

Good Day TronVerse Community We are pleased to be able to provide a significant update to the TronVerse Ecosystem.

Mobile Tron Bull Lite burst onto the Tron Scene in April of 2022. Every week the TronVerse team continues to upgrade the game. From new gameplay features to UI upgrades and even re-working some of the 3D models to make them stand out even more!

Despite our early success on Desktop we have had players begging for Mobile. We started developing the mobile version in Mid Q2.

We are pleased to share that Mobile is complete and is pending approval from the Google Play Store. We will have a short beta period to ensure that everything is working correctly. Once Beta is complete we will launch Mobile Tron Bull Lite first on Android, and then on IOS.

We will have more information and instruction on how you will log in and Verify your Tron Account on Mobile.

PVP The Second Big element that our players have been asking for is PVP. Players have enjoyed Tron Bull Lite but it is clear that there is nothing more exciting than battling against your friends.

We are entering the final stages of our Player Vs. Player Element. The team has been testing all PVP elements and playing against each other in real time with great fun and success. What remains in integrating PVP is the leaderboard elements. We are hopeful that PVP will be launched in August.

PVP — Score Based We have also developed a version of Tron Bull Lite where users will compete against each other to get the highest score.

This version of Tron Bull Lite will Launch on Score Milk, which is one of our Strategic Partners. You can check out their website “Score Milk” at We cannot speak to when this version will be launched but we can share that

TronVerse NFT rentals What makes the Trust-less rental system so unique is that there is no need to send your NFT anywhere. You will simply be able to allocate your Tron Bull NFT to a specific address and enter in the share of rewards that you would like. This is a game changer for guilds. No more taking hours and hours making payments to scholars. The Rental system will be built right within the game so rewards will automatically be allocated. We look forward to sharing more information with you on this.

The final build out of our rental system will take place once our Mobile and PVP milestones are completed.

Verse Token We had aimed to launch the Verse token in Q2. Since the market took a dive in mid Q2 we decided against this as we would be launching a token when there is little to no demand.

We do not have a specific date for the Verse token launch yet but we are very much anticipating its release.

TronVerse — The P2E ecosystem We have already begun working on the larger TronVerse ecosystem. Everything that we do in Tron Bull Lite is a step forward in how users will interact in TronVerse. We are using Tron Bull Lite as a staging ground to test out front end and back end elements in real time with real players.

We very much believe that our users should help develop TronVerse. Over the coming weeks and months we will ask our users for their input on design and gameplay elements. We will introduce several polls to the community and you will have the opportunity to have an impact on TronVerse.

Links TronVerse Website: Play Tron Bull Lite: Mint a Bull: Twitter: Telegram: Discord:

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