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We had some great questions asked to us, we would like to post the answers here:

Let’s tackle them one by one. Q1: I’ve heard that at some point in the future TronVerse will be able to onboard other projects NFTs into the verse, what would be the basic requirements for the participating projects?

A1: We will indeed be able to onboard other NFT projects into TronVerse. We have already passed on basic requirements that we will need to build a 3D playable character to some organizations so they can consider whether or not this is something they want to do. More in answer #2

Q2: How would this benefit the TronVerse as a whole? and also Tron Bull holders?

A2:The implementation of other NFTs must be done in a balanced and fair way. We do not want to create a situation where we cause harm to the Primary collection of TronVerse, being the Tron Bulls. However, with that being said, with new collections entering, so do new players which will expand and benefit the ecosystem as a whole.

New collections that enter TronVerse will have to have a stake in the ecosystem, the exact details will be shared down the road but there will likely be a method that will reduce Verse tokens available on the open market.

On benefiting Tron Bulls specifically - Tron Bulls will always be the primary collection in TronVerse. From special weapons, front of the line access and taking part in Verse token allocations for holding a Tron Bull. Having additional players enter TronVerse (via collection on-boarding) will only increase demand for in-game items that only Tron Bulls will be able to craft.

Q3: So this is a huge question in #GameFi space, when it comes to renting and pay outs for scholars/renters will it be an automated system or will it be down to the managers/NFT owners to make the pay outs?

A3: The Rental system is a game-changer. The system is being Built in two ways: “Direct Rental” “Managed Rental”

Direct Rental is if you want to rent a Tron Bull directly. You enter the scholar address that the Tron Bull is allocated to, enter the payment allocation and you are done. The scholar now has access to your NFT.

A Managed Rental allows Guild to direct NFTs to a community manager to allocate the NFTs to Scholars. In the same way, you enter the address of the Community Manager and they will in turn enter the Scholars Address. Also, in the same way, you will be able to allocate payment percentages, but this time it will be split three ways between Owner, Manager and scholar.

The great thing about this rental system is that payouts do not need to be managed by the owner or manager, the payouts are automatically allocated to the wallet in the percentages that the Owner, or Manager inputted.

Thanks for the Questions, keep them coming!

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