Spring 2021 being our first semester, we have recently moved to LA. We used to get DPS crime alert notifications, in spite of living in the DPS zone and having the DPS resources for safety and precautions, we felt the need to know the neighborhood areas before traveling and have all this information in one place. Since we have a huge Trojan family the application such as TrojanSafe will be extremely useful.

What it does

TrojanSafe is a web application that will prioritize the safety of the Trojan families by keeping them Safe, Aware, and Worryfree. TrojanSafe targets the DPS zones and provides users with information about safe neighborhoods at the destination.

How we built it

The crime data is extracted from the official website of DPS using web scrapping. Using Google's geocoding API, we fetched and stored coordinates of all the scrapped crime locations in sqlite3 DB. Now, when we get the journey details of the user, we use it to extract the nearby crime locations along the route thus telling them if it's safe or not. Next, an entire web application is built using HTML5, and Bootstrap, to display the crime locations on the map. It is hosted using Flask.

Challenges we ran into

The main challenges we ran into were:

  1. Pre-processing steps- The data was scraped from the DPS website, it was not uniform and thus it was needed to be converted into the required format. Cleaning the text in order to get the relevant data, was one of the challenges we faced.
  2. Location plotting on the map - Since none of us had any experience in website development, the plotting of markers on Google maps was one of the hardest parts.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting the entire application up in a working condition, given the time constraints, is an accomplishment we are all proud of.

What we learned

  1. Web Scrapping.
  2. Use of Geocoding Google API.
  3. Flask Framework.

What's next for TrojanSafe

We have a few things planned -

  1. Expanding the coverage area from DPS zones to LA county.
  2. Enabling Safety for different modes of transportation.
  3. Perform Data Analysis in order to extract the crime pattern and trends.
  4. Enable a scheduling mechanism to update the trojanSafe DB with additional crime data.
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