Since all four of us are freshman, we noticed that it can be a little difficult for us to manage our time, especially in regards to classes. While we have Google Calendars to help us manage our schedules, we realized that it is not the most user-friendly and is not fitted to exactly suit the needs of USC students. We figured that a calendar app that is more specific for the needs of USC students would benefit the students.

What it does

The website will use a person's USC login information and will allow the student to input their course numbers and receive the information on the professor, location, time, and all other necessary information about the class. It also has the option for the student to input what homework they have, when it is due, and for what class. There is also an option to input when the next test or quiz is, as to remind students of those as well. Notifications may be set up to remind the student of their class, homework, and quizzes as well.

How we built it

We used HTML and CSS to create a website. The background was created using Adobe Photoshop, and we used JavaScript to put forms and buttons over the background, and for setting up push notifications.

Challenges we ran into

All of us are freshman and therefore did not know too much on what happens at a hackathon, and most of us did not know how to use Git. A lot of what we did, we learned as we went, so there were a lot of setbacks of needing to search w3schools to try learning what to do. One of us hardly knew how to code before coming to the hackathon, so that was another obstacle. However, we did our best to learn as much as we could and to try our best in making the USCalendar app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have learned a lot about what happens in a hackathon and how to collaborate in coding with others. Coming into the hackathon, we did not think that we would be able to code a calendar app in 24 hours, yet we managed to do so! Our biggest accomplishment is probably learning Git, since it really helped in our collaboration.

What we learned

We learned that a lot can be done in 24 hours of coding. We came in not really knowing what we would be doing, and now have coded a mostly-working calendar app for USC students. We learned a lot about how to code better with a team and increased our confidence in coding from our first hackathon. What's next for USCalendar Preferably, we would like to improve on the USCalendar and make it more user-friendly. We would like to add an actual calendar, events, and even turn it into an actual app. We also would like to have a feature to add clubs and other activities such as sports events.

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