Isn’t it frustrating to scroll through tons of online lecture or DEN videos to find a particular topic the night before your midterms? If only we had a search engine which points us to the appropriate lecture video and appropriate time window, just where the topic is covered. This will save lots of time and avoid unnecessary frustration the night before your midterm :)

What it does

Just enter the topic name and wollaa, StudyBuddy points you to the video and starts playing from the point where the topic is taught!

How we built it

We generated time sensitive transcripts of lecture videos, processed them and made an inverted index, so you can search for specific topics in lecture videos!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built a tool that we can use ourselves, to help with prep for our exams! We're proud we'll use for the rest of our time at USC!

What's next for Trojan Video Search

For the scope of the hackathon, we indexed only videos without copyright restrictions, we can collaborate with content creators (such as DEN @ USC) so that we can add this functionality to their videos!

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