Our inspiration for developing this solution was accessibility for all. We wanted to create something that makes it easy for everyone; The patients, the doctors, and the genetic counselors.

What it does

TROI is a Chatbot that uses machine learning to collect clean data and provides the user a recommendation on the spot to lighten the load for doctors and the genetic counselors alike to give the user accessibility.

How we built it

We built this solution by taking the components from the UI, to Machine Learning, Data Visualization to understanding the problem. Through discussion and intense brainstorming amalgamating those components into this robust solution.

Challenges we ran into

Artificial Intelligence is very difficult. We feel like we almost bit off more than we can chew.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We consider ourselves to be professionals. Professionals are sometimes not gauged by what they know but rather their ability to learn new things. This project was a testament to our professionalism holding us to the term as we explored new ideas and new technologies.

What we learned

We learned timing and scheduling is imperative to staying on course. Sometimes when you work on a team you have to learn to your faith in your teammates to trust that their judgement and skills will pull through for you. As that trust is built throughout the project, we build cohesion to act as one team!

What's next for TROi

Creating a unified Server through multiple instances of TROI are deployed can save data. With those deployments of TROI allows us to expand on the amount of data collected by TROI to continue to train our model and refine our predictions.

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