The main inspiration behind building trogs is that I often do have many logs from which I need to see monthly expenses, friends bill split,etc.

What it does

Trogs will automatically store all the logs via sms parsing from the installed mobile or self made logs and will send it to backend for further processing. After that a user can search any log(very efficient search) and even delete or edit.

How I built it

At backend, we use fully dockerised nodejs based stack with load balancing. At frontend, we use React Native alongwith sms parsing libraries to get all the logs.

Challenges I ran into

Integration of elasticsearch cluster with n-gram filters

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Elasticsearch fully functional search api

What I learned

I learned more about nodejs and elasticsearch interaction

What's next for Trogs

Currently, due to some issue sms libraries aren't returning the logs but we can make logs ourself for the time being. Logs statistics will be next issue I will tackle with. I am very passionate about this idea will try to enhance surely soon in the future. Also, there are some issues in redirect uri due to which it cannot get to the dashboard.

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