Over three quarters of teenagers in the US own a smartphone. So why do teachers still use paper quizzes or even clickers?

We created an app where anyone can create quizzes and trivia sessions, send to anyone else. The app alerts you if users leave the quiz to prevent cheating.

There's also a competitive aspect of triva crack that is super enticing - you just want to know you're beating other people. We wanted to bring this to the classroom to make teachers' lives easier, and students' study hours more fun.


Teacher uploads PDF of their quiz to our web portal. We scan and parse through the quiz spitting it back. They can edit the questions and answers, select the right answers, then push it to their students. Within the mobile app, students can search for that set of questions then challenge each other.

We aim to replace the use of clickers and paper quizzes in the classroom, but also integrate a social competitive aspect.

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