• People who live in different countries sometimes want to get together for a trip
  • They want to know what the cheapest destination is

A lives London, B lives in San Francisco. They want to go on a holiday together, but aren't sure where to go. Trivialgo makes finding cheap flights to a common destination (possibly midway) trivial.

What it does

  • Trawls the interwebs
  • Makes calls to travel agents
  • Spins magic 8 balls
  • Plays flappy bird
  • Occasionally helps you book wallet-friendly flights to meet your friend living halfway across the world at a common destination

How we built it

  • Looking at the Reply API
  • With a Xerox machine

Challenges we ran into

  • Reply's travel challenge
  • Bloomberg's tech challenge
  • Here be dragons
  • Solving CAPTCHAS

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Making this challenging problem trivial
  • Thinking up a great name for this product

What we learned

  • Going is non-trivial
  • Planes fly high

What's next for Trivialgo

  • Legal protection for our valuable app name

Built With

  • airplanes
  • memes
  • node-modules
  • skyxerox
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