Travelling is a unique experience that everybody enjoys. Having all traveled ourselves, our team feels it can be hard to find unique free activities while visiting a new city for the first time. Our mission is to maximize the experience for tourists of a given city by having users learn about their surroundings and have a quick way to see popular attractions around town.

Welcome to TriviaGo!

What it does

TriviaGo is an app that revolutionize the way tourist visit a city. By accessing your account via Facebook, TriviaGo tracks a user and display markers of monuments in his surroundings. If the user is in range, he can then click on the monument and received a series of question base on that same monument. User receives a score depending on how well they performed on the trivia, and are then placed in the leader board. All users are placed in the leader board, and users compete for the high score of the day.

How We built it

The team used expo, which is a free open source tool chain that allows the development team to display the code on their cellphone dynamically. This was essential for test purposes. While creating the app, we also used the react native framework, which is a perfect way to build native mobile apps using JavaScript and React. We also used a Firebase database to manage the users.

Challenges We ran into

For most of us, it was our first time using react-native. This was a struggle at first since using this framework wasn't intuitive for us. We also ran into time management problem. It is hard to develop an entire app in 24 hours which is the reason why the TriviaGo app is still missing some features.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that the first version of the prototype is working. It is amazing to see our idea evolve into something concrete, and actually play with it.

What We learned

React-native, expo, JavaScript extra features, React, Database.

What's next for TriviaGo

  • Implement the leader board functionality.
  • Implement extra land markers, using open data sets from popular cities.
  • Allow users to create trivia question sets.
  • Implement extra functionality where users can challenge each other.
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