Trivia Attack!

Aliens have detected that there’s no intelligent life on planet Earth and they’re about to attack! The only way to defeat them is with your superior trivia knowledge! Your trivia transmitter will assist in reading the questions, so you can concentrate on the battle. The first to get 2 hits wins and the other…explodes!

With classic sci-fi B movies style, classic easily-accessible cartoon characters and trivia questions that would appeal to a 55-plus demographics, we set out to design a lighthearted but engaging trivia game. Entering the “Stay Sharp” category, our team built an Alexa skill that will send users down memory lane, exploring and enjoying a convenient yet unique experience.

Through uncomplicated UX and game mechanics, Trivia Attack is simple to learn but hard to master. Through a variety of trivia subjects and skill levels, players will be conversationally quizzed on everything from Jackie Joyner Kersee to Jean Valjean.

Both the members of Iara Digital and The Parlor Walls teams believe that smart displays and Fire TV will continue to grow in importance for Alexa skill usage. That’s why we made visuals and APL content such a prominent feature in Trivia ATtack.

With the Lovo AI NFT project Voice Verse as a mechanic for creating content, we utilized their text-to-speech video platform to create short clips that were further updated with graphics and sound effects. Voice Verse avatars text-to-spech capabilities allow Trivia Attack to overcome the issues of continuity, availability, and scalability related to human performers and productions.

Additional technical accomplishments for Trivia Attack include API connectivity to Airtable for the trivia knowledge-base, AWS for the storage of the audio and video content, APL visuals and scorekeeping. Plus, ISP one-time purchases will follow shortly.

Initially limited to one round per day, players will unlock unlimited play through a one-time ISP. We believe that Trivia Attack has the potential for frequent usage, to be part of someone’s daily routine, playing a quick round for both fun and cognitive value at any time of day. Additionally, the ISP unlock of multiple daily plays would allow for extended play, likely involving multiple friends and family. Potentially utilizing a larger screen through Fire TV.

In the future, additional trivia packs featuring curated content could be available for purchase. With the game’s prominent visual features, we also see the potential to create APL-based in-game skins. This would allow characters to upgrade the character’s clothing and accessories either through in-game accomplishments or ISP purchases.

Future updates will also include a multiplayer human vs alien mode. Alexa's “Play with Friends” feature over mobile, helps to speed up the adoption barrier and creates a more social experience, which is a huge driver of player LTV.

Winning the Alexa Skills Challenge would allow us to take advantage of Amazon’s new Alexa marketing program, growing our initial user base by harvesting the existing Echo user base through on-screen promotion.

With the game’s trivia content and visual nature, we also see a unique opportunity for collaborations with YouTube and social media content creators. Along with the opportunity to advertise the game questions individually through TikTok and YouTube Shorts. Utilizing reply features to further amplify the content’s reach, this approach could potentially bring in new users to the Alexa skill ecosystem as well.

We believe that Trivia Attack has the potential for frequent usage and to become part of someone’s daily routine. Whether playing a quick round or a longer battle, Trivia Attack provides both fun and cognitive value at any time of day.

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