Water is the basics of all life. There are many issues regarding water consumption and quality control that needs to be solved before thinking about super advanced solutions like smart parking in cities. We have two digital solutions for two personas: government and end user.

What it does

Dashboard Dashboard for detecting and tracking Leakages in order to do an immediate action and for prevent them in future Real time representation of water spending by areas in Prague Drill down feature to the exact pipe with location coordinates

SWIFT App Tracking Water spending using gamification - competition with users nearby your location (rank list: top 10% users in saving water in neighbourhood) Referent value of water per day - if user is saving water, it is passing away it to flower, growing

How we built it

All technologies are already mentioned.

Challenges we ran into

Process of on-boarding sensors, analysing existing solutions and markets.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Two digital solutions for tangible issue with detailed cost projection.

What we learned

There is still place for exploring idea.

What's next for Triumph

Build this solution together.

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