Problem statement: Increase the sense of community and improve the student experience.

Vision Statement: To provide a communication resource that students can use to navigate the community events of the University.

What our app does: It is a website that allows users to subscribe to various schools events. (Example: Nursing students can subscribe to get notifications about Business Student events.) After subscribing to events, users can drill down into those events and determine if they want to add the events to their calendar.

How will our program help the professors as well as the students? Provide intelligence to the Professors as well as the students.

Professors can: See who attended events (students from what school) Professors and Dean’s can get matrix on events (what do students attend)

Students can: See a list of things that they attended. Bulk up resume Review class schedules Receive notifications about other events on campus outside of their program. Organize social meetups with other students based on interest Get intelligence on items that other students may have attended (Amazon type learning)

Organizers can: Synchronize schedules based on other campus events View room availability Reach a larger student base

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