The prompt provided by Global Hack, and the goodness of our hearts. We have several non-native group members that provided valuable insight into what it feels like to be in a foreign land without a support system.

What it does

Our site connects people from the same origin country that are in the same American city. The Guides and Resources on our site help people in the first hours or days that non-native people are in a new city. Our web application introduces these people to each other, and provides a list of resources to help acclimate them to a new area.

How we built it

Stayed on site the entire time, brainstormed together, ate together, coded together.

Challenges we ran into

Connecting the database to the web application, and implementing the database, the user interface of the site, and the overall user experience and front end.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Working together as a team. Having a finished product that is hosted online with realtime functionality and purpose.

What we learned

The struggle of moving to a new land with no support system can be as much if not more challenging as staying in an area with a lot of conflict. Working together as a team.

What's next for TritonForks

All team members are current UMSL students, so it is easy to collaborate and continue the development and/or support through the UMSL Computing Club.

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