As a mom of a young child, working at a startup full time and going to UCSD to get my MBA time is precious! I would rather have Alexa tell me static content such as when is my next class, when is my term paper due, when is my homework assignment due rather than myself spending time logging into Triton Ed and navigating to the calendar and 10 clicks later figure out what was the deadline. Either its buried in professor's email or its hidden inside a calendar. I need more time in my life less time hunting down deadlines!

What it does

  • Provides information regarding upcoming course deadlines
  • Professional Seminars Schedules
  • Homework due dates
  • Quiz Due Dates
  • Case Reading Listings

How I built it

  • For the time being I input the email which I read once into the flat file which is being read
  • Due to time constraints I am unable to integrate with Triton Ed via API
  • Hence I update the RSS feed every 2 weeks as new deadlines comes into the picture.

Challenges I ran into

RS Feed Creator. I hand coded the RSS XML with the relevant information.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I made a simple skill to make my life easy!

What I learned

Making an Alexa skill does not need you to be a software developer, you just need to focus on how can Alexa save you time!

What's next for RadyMade Time Saver

  • Automating the RSS Feed Update Creation and Upload to S3
  • Provide the Link to the HTML page of the same information
  • Curate the content to be more succinct and to the point, currently its a mere cut-paste of the word document received in an email. So when I create the RSS I should make a digest of important information and provide only the summary so, in less than a minute it delivers the important deadlines instead of the 4 mins currently. The current skill was put together to demonstrate future possibility.
  • Get feedback from classmates on how to improve it, and incorporate it next Sunday!

Built With

  • rss-feed
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