We were interested in the Map API provided by and wanted to create a website that integrated it. We wanted it to focus on UC San Diego for students to use.

What it does

It allows you freely roam the map. The user is able to find the quickest route from any point to one of the six Colleges at UC San Diego. The user may also search any places around La Jolla using a search bar, such as hotel, food, parking, etc. And the last functionality we incorporated into our project is displaying current traffic around UC San Diego.

How we built it

We used HTML to structure the entire pages similarly. We used CSS to style the pages and make them look appealing. We also used Javascript to incorporate the API as well as creating some dynamic page effects.

Challenges we ran into

The API was rather difficult to work with at times. Many times the code would not work and the code snippets as well as the documentation always contained hard coded examples. However, for our purposes, we could not do that. We needed to be able to take user input to modify search results and the quickest route to any of the six UC San Diego colleges. We were also having a lot of conflicts when attempting to push origin to master on github.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of being able to integrate the API within a limited amount of time and we are also proud of being able to accomplish this with only limited expertise with Javascript. It took a lot of time and difficulty reading trough the documentation for the API to integrate what we wanted.

What we learned

We learned how to efficiently read through documentation to integrate the functionality we want. We also learned some more advanced topics about Javascript. We also learned how to use git, as in pulling the origin and pushing the origin. Using github in a group is something new that we learned since beforehand, many of us used github alone.

What's next for Triton Map

Something we wanted to add as well is hazards to the local traffic page so that the user could be aware of them. Also, when searching for places, we need to label the markers with what is located there. For example, when the user searches for food, all the markers should be labeled with the name of the food place at that marker. Something else we wanted to incorporate is a drag marker feature where you could just drag the marker to you current location rather than having to click once on the screen for setting the start point.

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