We are looking for something that can facilitate our travel experience, especially small group travel: everyone enjoys traveling with friends! We want something that can help us record our trips without us writing the journals ourselves, which could be an annoying task for most travelers. We want to share our photos with our travel buddies and get access to the fancy photos taken by others. And we want to manage out expense, especially those sharing amount group members, more easily so that we can focus on the fun during our trips instead of how to split the money. Furthermore, we always want to get some instant suggestions on where to go around - there are always people that starts looking at the last moment - like us.

What it does

It allows users to post photos or feelings or both in a specific event during a trip to the website. They are shared by all the travel group members and are shown as a photo wall. It allows users to "post a bill", meaning to record a share payment during the trip, with the information of who pays it and how many people should share it in which way. Later, for example, at the end of the day or even after the whole trip finishes, there will records of all the expenses. It will automatically generate on their accounts the information of how much they owe each other and how much others owe them, so that they can later clear the expense happening among them. Users will be able to see both the current balance and the payment history through the website. It provides the searching function through TripAdvisor's API, and users can easily drag the attraction/hotel/restaurant from the searching results to a drop box to add it to as their future event in this trip. This gives advice to those people who plan their next destination at the last moment on where to go/stay/eat.

How we built it

We use languages listed above and also got help from some sources online.

Challenges we ran into

Because of the time limit we have not finished on some features yet and we still have some ideas that are not included in our product.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

It is the first Hackathon for all four of us!

What we learned

We learned a lot.

What's next for TripWiz

A lot of possibilities for TirpWiz. We will improve our current product in details and also want to include more helpful and fancy functions.

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