Everyone on our team uses public transit to get around, and we've all slept through our stop at one time or another. That's what sparked the idea to create an alert system based on GPS, so when you got close to a place, it would let you know. The idea goes beyond us though; any person with vision impairment or loss of hearing can't make use of traditional means to know when they're at their destination.

What it does

Our app is a if-this-then-that for GPS locations. You set waypoints, and the system tracks your location. Then, if you're within a certain proximity to a waypoint, an event is triggered. Currently, the events are: Vibrate, Alert, and Alarm. These individually target the touch, sight, and sound senses.

How we built it

The app is built in React Native, with a bunch of libraries for notifications, vibrations, and GPS functionality. React Native transpiles the JSX code into native Android and iOS code, so it's compatible with all smartphones. All four members split up among different views and components to get the job done. We're all new to React Native, so that was pretty interesting :).

Challenges we ran into

As mentioned before, we're all new to React Native, so there was a lot of learning, researching, and debugging along the way. We had a lot of issues, namely making sure the app worked on both iOS and Android. We also spent a great deal of time working on data structures and data flows. We had to make sure all data was getting stored properly on the device, and that we weren't overwriting anything or leaking memory.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We really like how our app actually functions properly on both iOS and android! Learning the new framework, and getting navigation and storage to work are accomplishments we're proud of.

What we learned

Learning React Native is an amazing accomplishment in itself. We also learned a lot about Git version control, allowing us to collaborate effectively. Finally, we learned a lot about application structure, and the way data should be handled in medium-sized applications.

What's next for Tripwire

We want to expand the functionality. We could do things like send SMS upon arriving at work, send a facebook message, etc. Parents could use it to automate "home-safe" texts from their kids, without invading their privacy. There are a ton of possibilities, and we would just be working on adding them one by one.

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