I travel a lot and always wanted to have an app to keep track of all my trips and where I visited and the photos on the world map.

What it does

This app will track and visualize all your trips on the world map and you can see how many places you have covered. It has a function to display the trip images on the map. Track the best/hidden places around you and add to your visited list. Discover new places and let others know. Ranking of places covered based on UNESCO world heritage sites and 7 wonders. Create Bucket list for travel.

How I built it

It has a NodeJS based backend system and firebase Auth (FB and Google). The Node app is hosted in container on Red Hat platform. The application is developed in Android (Java). Android app uses the GPS location to track users location and save the path they traveled and places they visited. Based on the location data create the timeline to display all the trips on Map and the photos.

Challenges I ran into

Since the app uses device location heavily, the main challenge is to make it consume less battery life, and work smoothly in background.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I haven't released the app on playstore yet but my friends are using it and they like it since they wanted to see how much of the world they have traveled and track their photos and travel experience.

What I learned

Deploying on Red hat containers, Android develop complex UI library, Firebase Auth, Geo fencing and location based analytics, Android App development, NodeJS app for backend systems.

What's next for TripTracker

Since it will have lots of locatoin data, in future I am planning to introduce location based advertisements to monetize the application. And implement a simple social network experience using FB/Instagram to share the hidden places and travel profile. Rate travelers based on how much they traveled/covered the world.

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