With COVID-19 and travel restrictions across the entire globe, we know that many are yearning to travel. Planning trips — more specifically, paying for trips — can be quite costly. Especially as university students and those looking to save a penny, budgeting for a trip can be messy and stressful!

What it does

TripSuite is a travel planning app that allows you to calculate and create a plan for your next trip! Selecting from an array of flights, accommodations and activities, TripSuite calculates the overall cost and suggests how much one needs to save each month in order to make the trip.

How we built it

Using the popular MERN stack, we used MongoDB's Atlas cloud server to store our database. With this stack, we can build a dynamic website and implement both the frontend and the backend of our project

Challenges we ran into

With the limited time constraint, we were forced to pick and choose which features we wanted to code. As well, we created a Figma to visualize what we wanted the project to look like. However, it wasn't easy to execute that with our stack.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This being our first hackathon, we are proud of what we've achieved. Also, we dove into a stack that none of us were completely familiar with. The utilization of a MongoDB as well as churning out an entire UI in 24 hours is no small task! We were all able to step out of our comfort zones and try something we hadn't done before and apply the MERN stack to our own app. We came out knowing more about concepts in database management, user authentication and front-end UI design.

What we learned

We learned a lot about how to design a web app. While some of us worked on the frontend, others worked on the backend and we were able to get a taste of what a software development process is like.

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