Tripster is a web app that uses historical data collected by automatic to evaluate your transportation impact over time. We’ve taken Jerry’s 600 trips and evaluated his impact on three dimensions: Environmental • How smoothly are you driving? • Could this trip be easily moved to more sustainable alternatives? Short trips could be moved to walking or biking. Compatible trips could be moved to transit.
Safety • Are you performing emergency braking maneuvers? • Are you speeding? Money • How much are these trips costing you over time? Our app calculates your transportation impact across these dimensions, calculates your transportation impact and assigns a score. As a user, you want to reduce your transportation impact by reducing your scores.
Technical Background Using R as the data analysis tool, our python program connects between the automatic api and our front end.
Automatic APIs used Rest API: Trip: Get a Specific Trip Authentication API Future Vision In the future, as richer datasets become available from Connected and Automatous vehicles, the scope can be expanded to include: • Richer Safety data: o Proximity to other vehicles o ABS and stability control events o Accelerometer data (second by second) • Other environmental data: o Weather • Money o Other end to end trip costs including tolling and parking

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