APEC App Challenge 2020


Inspired by YouTube or Twitch that team members enjoy watching. As we watched the video uploaded in a short episode that shows how much the Vlogger, who runs a local restaurant, cares about hygiene and how his food is made, we've come to an idea to create a platform where MSMEs can broadcast about their products easily.

What it does

Before going on a trip, you have to book a variety of things in advance. Hotels, restaurants, tour products, etc. However, you need to decide whether to reserve by looking only at a few pictures and descriptions posted by the seller, or short reviews from others. So sometimes you get to be disappointed with a product that is different than you think. So we've created a live commerce app to overcome these limitations. Tripshow allows sellers running hotels, restaurants or tours to show their products live and sell them directly. Instead of hiring expensive showhosts or renting a studio, sellers can introduce their products for themselves. Consumers and sellers can communicate through chatting on air, and if consumers are interested in that tour item, they can directly buy/reserve the item. Consumers can find broadcast by searching on search tab, or finding freely on categorized home tab. Also, consumers can browse live broadcasts on a map. In addition, if consumers registered their trip schdule on Mypage, we recommend broadcasts that sell items that can be used while traveling.

How we built it

We've struggled with selecting one idea among various ones, and finally selected the one that best fits the purpose and topic. At first, we planned screens and functions by Sketch and tried to modify over and over again through a lot of Zoom meetings. While revising some screens, we started development simultaneously. We developed front as React and back as node.js and express.

Challenges we ran into

At the beginning, we were highly motivated that we planned too many features, so we couldn't develop them all in a short time. So, it's a shame that some functions were implemented in demo format. Particularly, it was difficult to implement Google-certified Oauth 2.0.

Accomplishes that we're proud of

It was a short time, but we're glad that we were able to implement as many functions as possible. Also, we're proud of our idea since it perfectly matches with a subject of this hackathon. On technical side, sellers can easily register and show their products which matches with challenge 2) DIGITALIZED SERVICES AND EXPERIENCES. On contens side, sellers can demonstrate, communicate, and market the health and safety measures they are taking on air, which matches with challenge 1) SAFETY, HYGIENE, AND TRUST.

What we learned

Plan based on time and ability allocated. It should be planned according to the time and ability allocated.

What's next for Tripshow

Map implementation, dashboard creation, search implementation, DB expansion, server stabilization

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