Travelling is fun. However, travel planning is not.

In order to help people reduce the amount of time they spend planning their next trip we created Tripsget App.

In 2015 we were planning a trip to Iceland. We weren´t sure how much money to bring. We checked various blogs, websites, and forums and made an estimate of how much money we needed, which was wrong. That's when we came with the idea of Tripsget.

What it does

Tripsget is an app that could tell you how much money you will need for your next trip based on your travel preferences.

You can choose your destination, the number of travelers, length of the trip, and the level of spending that describes your party the best. Based on this, Tripsget will predict how much money will you need during your trip for food, transport, entertainment, accommodation, and nightlife.

How we built it

To create Tripsget we went through three major tasks:

1 - Gather price information of multiple destinations. 2 - Design the screens and logos of the app. 3 - Implement the back end and front end of Tripsget.

We built Tripsget by working in our spare time after work growing the database, improving the app design, and implementing the iOS app.

Our main focus for the latest version was to use Redshift as a services provider for the app.

Challenges we ran into

Some of the major challenges we´ve run with the app is getting access to Hotels and Services provides APIs. Access to this information is vital to give more accurate price estimations and to suggest services.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the simplicity and design of the app and the accuracy of our tip budget estimations.

What we learned

We´ve learned much about apps marketing and advertisement as well as how to use Redshift as a backend for any app.

What's next for Tripsget

We want to go beyond just giving a budget and provide our users with hotels, activities, catering and transport options that suit their travel styles.

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