We all like surprises, we all like travelling... why not combine both? We thought about something that we would like it existed and tried to create it.

What it does

This website leverages the Skyscanner Flights and Hotels API to plan and reserve a trip for you. It decides based on your input choices and other aggregated data. The catch is that you will not know (except for some vague data to help you pack adequately) where you are going until the very last minute, increasing the excitement to travel even further.

How we built it

The backend runs using ASP.NET, while the front-end is a web app based on React

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The page looks really nice

What we learned

Never to use .NET again.

What's next for TripRoulette

We believe this could be a project with a lot of potential and we plan to develop it further. Even make it work.

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