We wanted to make a fun app which also helps people find places they want to travel.

What it does

Trippy shows the user a random comment from TripAdvisor and the user has to guess where its from. After the user guesses, they are shown where in the world the correct place is and can see the review on TripAdvisors website if they want.

How We built it

Trippy uses TripAdvisor api to pull reviews from attractions and hotels across the world. Then the user must select the correct answer from a choice of 3 random cities and a correct city. After a user selects the answer they are shown the correct answer and where that place is in the world using google maps. If they chose they can be linked to the review page with a URL provided by the TripAdvisor api. Trippy is built using web technologies like JavaScript, HTML5, and PHP. Trippy also uses PhoneGap and the power of hybrid app technologies to enable it to be an app on Android and iOS.

Challenges We ran into

Dealing with all the new iOS and OS X was a pain in getting the app to run on iOS. Also working with a new API like the TripAdvisor can cause any team to run into some slight unexpected challenges.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Doing it, and being original.

What I learned

How to use the TripAdvisor API and Google Maps API and dealing with PHP servers.

Whats the future of Trippy?

I don't know man.

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