Both of us wanted to help seniors prevent trip and falls that can lead to severe damage to their overall health.

What it does

Trippy beeps when it senses an object at approximately 18 inches in front of you to warn you that there is an obstacle approaching.

How we built it

Using Arduino and digi-key components such as a buzzer and ultrasound distance sensor, we assembled our robot. In the front, we have ultrasound distance sensors that closely resemble eyes. With a few pieces of tape and perfect geometry, we were able to perfectly design Trippy to resemble a pet.

Challenges we ran into

Voltage miscalculation led to numerous shortages which caused for repair. Sensor value readings were inaccurate and the range did not vary enough, had to rethink our formulas and arrangement of our robot.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Consistently performs and does not short at all.

What we learned

We learned about circuit schematics and how to manipulate voltage outputs with voltage dividers or a potentiometer.

What's next for Trippy

We hope to see Trippy in the real world improving domestic mobility and increasing confidence in elders by stripping the fear of falling away

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