To create an easy carpooling exchange around routes currently in pursuit. Trippy makes it easy for riders by showing what routes are immediately around them, and by providing drivers with control of the route and ending destination.

How it works

Rider: Find rides currently en route around you that are going where you are. Drivers: Set routes based on your everyday routes to share rides!

Challenges I ran into

Questioning if our idea was a good fit that'll work for the best interest of the community. Figuring out the incentives to get drivers and riders to make an ongoing commitment. Time constraint to writing the codes for the app. Learning a new API.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning a Sketch for iOS mockups.

What I learned

Learning how to transform ideas into actions.

What's next for Trippy

Continuing to build the software application for both iOS and Android. Fine tuning the layout designs. Incorporating any additional concepts that we may have missed initially that could be instrumental to the design and goals of the app.

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